What Conditions Are Treated with Stem Cell Therapy?

You’ve probably heard that stem cell therapy can help your body heal, but how does it work, and what conditions does it treat? 

At MultiCare Medical in Papillion, Nebraska, our team has the expertise and experience to diagnose your condition and determine if stem cell therapy is the best solution for you. We use this treatment for injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, and to help you recover from debilitating issues. 

Stem cells explained

Stem cells have the ability to duplicate their own cells. They can split and reproduce, creating daughter cells or specialized cells.

When stem cells are put in a lab, researchers can manipulate them to grow into different types of cells that can be used specifically for the heart muscle, blood, or nerves. 

For example, if you have an unhealthy heart, we can inject the stem cell mixture into your heart muscle to regenerate healthy cell growth, which can help repair it.

This type of therapy is also called regenerative medicine

How stem cell therapy works

Stem cell therapy ultimately repairs damaged areas of your body and stimulates new tissue growth where needed.

The stem cell mixture is a combination of adult stem cells that have growth factors, plus hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other proteins that help heal damaged tissues in your body.

Once we have the regenerative medicine, we inject it into the specific area in need to stimulate new tissue growth. The cells immediately go to work to replace your diseased cells with healthy ones.

Conditions that stem cell therapy treats

Stem cell therapy can treat many conditions, including:

When you come in to see us, we evaluate your condition to see how stem cell therapy can improve your condition. 

Stem cell therapy safety

Stem cells have to go through an approval process with the United States Food and Drug Administration before they can be used for patients. Also, stem cells don’t have any DNA, which means they can’t give you any sickness or disease.

Adult stem cells are still being researched for their many uses and benefits in treating medical conditions and diseases. As the research continues, our team stays on the cutting edge of the industry to offer you the best solution for your condition. 

To learn more about stem cell therapy, and to see if it’s right for you, call our team today at 402-505-7989 or schedule your appointment online.

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