7 Undeniable Benefits of PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has become increasingly popular for pain management. For many, it’s a game changer.

Our team at MultiCare Medical in Papillion, Nebraska, specializes in PRP therapy to reduce inflammation from an injury and help it repair quickly. This safe and effective treatment can have you back to your normal daily routine sooner than later. 

How PRP works

Our treatment begins with taking a small sample of your blood and putting it in a centrifuge, where it spins at an extremely high speed. The process creates a highly concentrated mix of platelets that we collect and inject into your injured area. 

Benefits of PRP

PRP has some of the most promising benefits for healing your body. Here’s what PRP offers:

Natural alternative to surgery

To promote a natural healing process, PRP uses your own blood, making it a safe option and a natural source of healing instead of surgery.

Decreased inflammation 

When PRP is injected into the injured area, it stimulates your body’s ability to heal naturally and reduce inflammation. 

Increased range of motion

The PRP has natural growth factors that stimulate advanced tissue growth and repair. Your healing begins immediately, which improves your functionality and reduces the chance of injury in the future. 

Few side effects

Because it works naturally, using your body’s own platelet-rich plasma to promote healing, there are few side effects, if any.

Relief from chronic pain

PRP can treat chronic conditions such as chronic back pain and arthritis. We can also combine PRP with other natural treatments, such as physical therapy or stem cell therapy, for highly effective results.

Improved mobility

Even though the PRP goes to work as soon as we inject it, the results can take anywhere from a few weeks to three months to affect you. But you should have your complete mobility back in six months.

Repaired tissues

PRP can also treat conditions such as pulled muscles and torn ligaments and tendons. PRP speeds up your healing process and can also reduce your pain, or in some cases, eliminate it. 

What to expect after PRP

Soreness or slight bruising are normal after PRP therapy, so don’t be alarmed if you notice small reactions to the treatment. Other side effects are rare. As we monitor your progress after your injection, we may recommend another one if you aren’t noticing any changes after three months.

To learn more about PRP and to find out if it can help heal your injury, call us today at 402-505-7989 or book your appointment online.

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